What Is Polyaspartics Flooring?

Global Garage Flooring and Design uses special concrete coatings called Polyaspartic. These are quite frankly the best concrete coatings on the market and we have put them on everyone’s garages from one car town houses to the homes of billionaires. These next generation coatings are not only durable but they are also beautiful as well. Epoxy is the standard in the industry.

Polyaspartics have many advantages over epoxy some of which are:

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    3 X the hardness of Epoxy

    Polyaspartics are up to 3 times harder than epoxy coatings. This means that they will sustain 3 times as much wear as epoxy. For a better longer lasting floor use Polyaspartics.

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    3 X the chemical resistance of Epoxy

    Polyaspartics resist staining from chemicals up to 3 times as much as epoxy. This is another reason why they are a better bet than epoxy.

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    Quick curing

    Epoxy floors take two to three days to put down and then even longer before they become hard. It’s typically a week before you can return an epoxy floor to service. With Polyaspartics we can lay most garage floors down in one day and the client can then walk on it the next day and drive on it the day after that.

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    Polyaspartics are much more flexible than epoxies. This means that they are less likely to crack over time as epoxies do. They are also much less likely to crack due to movement of the concrete than epoxies.

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    UV Stability

    Clear epoxies simply are not nearly as UV resistant as Polyaspartics. They will last long and look better.

Not all Polyaspartics are created equal. Ours are easier to use and less expensive than most of the competition. Other garage flooring companies use Polysapartics. However, we have a special blend made for us that is easier to use and less expensive because of the way it is made. Our franchises benefit from the best pricing in the industry and our product is the easiest to use so that your crew will have an easier, better and more profitable application.