How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

The following is a list of your estimated initial investment. Please note that this table represents an estimate based on our experience of opening franchise units. Your actual costs may vary based on a number of variables.

ItemLow InvestmentHigh Investment
Franchise Fee (1)$25,000$40,000
Training Expenses (2)$500$4,000
Leasehold Improvements (6)$-0-$3,000
Vehicles (7 & 8)$7,000$62,500
Initial Inventory (12)$12,000$24,000
Initial Advertising (13)$2,000$5,000
Additional Funds (15)$15,000$30,000
Miscellaneous **$6,925$19,825
Total Estimated Investment$85,425$207,325

** Miscellaneous estimated expenses include: Marketing Materials, Digital Marketing, Technology Related, Software, Rent, Insurance and Signage

  1. The details of the Initial Franchise Fee are described in Item 5.
  2. We will provide up to a 1 week initial training program at a training center or our headquarters free of charge for 2 trainees. If more than 2 trainees attend, the additional cost is $1,000 per person.
  3. This estimates the travel and living expenses, including airfare, which you will incur when you and your employees attend the initial training program. The cost you incur will vary depending upon factors such as distance traveled, mode of transportation, travel preferences (such as air travel or ground transportation), nature of accommodations, per diem expenses actually incurred, and the number of persons who attend training. It does not include any wages or salary for you or your trainees during training.
  4. These are estimated amounts of lease costs and utility deposits. These amounts will vary in each market and may be may be refundable.
  5. This is an estimate of insurance premiums for Liability and Auto insurance only and does not include workers comp and is for the initial 3 months of business operation. Your costs will vary depending on your market, the amount of coverage you select, your insurance carrier, and other factors. See Item 9 for more details regarding insurance.
  6. You are required to obtain a business license or permit before you start business. Local, municipal, county, and state regulations vary on what licenses and permits are required by you to operate.
  7. Should you need to rent or acquire franchise location space for your franchise business, rent varies considerably from market to market, and from location to location in each market. Generally you will need a minimum of 500 to 2,000 square feet of franchise location space. This figure represents rent for 3 months.
  8. You may need to construct improvements, or “build out,” the Premises at which you will operate your franchised business. You may be able to negotiate various terms with your Landlord, including paying for some of the build out costs for your franchise location space. Also, you may seek to finance some or all of your build out costs through your Landlord or other financing sources. A variety of factors may affect the availability of Landlord and other financing, the monthly overall costs of the financing, and other terms relevant to your decision whether to pay or finance the build out costs.
  9. You may purchase a new or used vehicle that meets the vehicle specifications listed in our Operations Manual and is approved by us.
  10. The cost of signage and graphics will vary from location to location depending on lease requirements, local ordinances and restrictions, store frontage, and related factors. We can provide assistance to you if needed. The final design must be submitted to us for review and approval.
  11. You may decide to lease the furniture and/or equipment needed rather than purchasing it with a lump sum payment. A variety of factors (such as the condition of the national and regional economy, availability of credit, number of suppliers leasing products in your area, the interest rates offered by suppliers, duration of leases offered, security requirements, and your credit history) may affect the availability of leased products, the monthly and overall costs of the leases, and other terms relevant to your decision whether to purchase or lease the furniture and/or equipment. The amounts listed are an estimate and may vary per your location and market.
  12. This estimate covers various supplies you will need in your initial phase of operation. You are required to obtain these items from us or from our designated sources.
  13. You are required to provide funding for Market Introduction advertising and a promotional program which will be approved and may be administered by us. This is due to us 60 days from the time of signing or 30 days prior to the date of opening, whichever comes first. Additional details can be found in Item 11 under the Subheading “Advertising.”
  14. This estimate is for legal, accounting, administrative, permitting, traffic studies, demographic studies, brokerage, and miscellaneous other professional fees that you might incur before you open for business, including (among other things) to assist you in reviewing the Franchise Agreement. Your actual cost may vary.
  15. You will need additional capital to support on-going expenses during the initial 3 months or more after you open for business. The estimate includes items such as payroll, royalty, advertising fees, additional advertising, repairs and maintenance, bank charges, miscellaneous supplies and equipment, state tax, and other miscellaneous items, that may not be covered by sales revenues.