FISH Philosophy

“The FISH Philosophy is the basis upon which I make decisions, it’s something I’ve taught my children and it’s something I demand out of myself. It seems that the people I have good long lasting relationships with demand the same out of themselves. This certainly doesn’t mean we’re perfect. It’s what we strive for.”Lance Jensen - Global Garage, CEO

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    The F in the FISH Philosophy stands for “Keeping the Faith.” This means being reliable. It’s knowing that when you’re not standing over your crew they will perform well. It’s knowing that when you make an appointment with the franchisor or a vendor that they are going to show up for the appointment. It’s having Faith in each other to do their job well. It’s the reason why Payton Manning used to love throwing the ball to Reggie Wayne. Tom had faith in Wes’s ability to catch the ball.

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    Although keeping your word is an important part of integrity, at Global Garage integrity means more than that. It does mean keeping your word, showing up at appointments when promised, following through and delivering what you said you’d deliver. But, it also means having complete systems. Systems that work together with integrity. It means that the different parts of what we do need to work well together. At Global Garage we will always act with integrity and implement systems that when implemented will have that same integrity.

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    This is a physical business and you need to be physically strong to do the work that we do. But, strength means more than physical strength. It also means having emotional and financial strength as well. Business is hard, and you should not attempt to own your own business unless you are strong enough to stand up to the challenge. Financial Strength is the reason we all got into this in the first place. We have to make sure we are making the marketing investment, doing the networking, managing our crews well and doing everything possible to drive a good business to Financial Strength.

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    Making Money is fun and Having Fun is Fun. Sounds simple enough but you have to work at it. A business that doesn’t make money is no fun at all. One that makes money can be an absolute blast to run and that is where we want to be. We also take time to make having fun a priority in this business. It’s fun to start with but then we take the time to find joy in the little things in the day. Playing with your crew, customers, vendors and the franchisor. Taking ten minutes to have a cup of coffee with your crew in the morning and make sure they feel good about you, themselves and the company they are working for. Making sure there is time for friends, family and the occasional fishing trip or golf outing. These are the things that make it all worthwhile and fun to go thru the journey of life.

One’s philosophy is not best expressed in words; it is expressed in the choices one makes…
and the choices we make are ultimately our responsibility.Eleanor Roosevelt