You don’t need any prior experience in either construction or the franchise sector before owning Global Garage Flooring & Design franchise business. We also understand that the majority of new franchise owners do not have previous experience in owning their own business prior to joining a franchise system—and purchasing a franchise system is a way for them to get into business for themselves but not by themselves.

We believe that strong sales and customer service skills are important. Developing relationships with the local contractors will be important, as well. Having strong organizational skills is useful as well.

Absolutely. We work very diligently on securing the best pricing on the products that you will use on the job site. We are continually looking for ways to help save you money on products and supplies.

We take training very seriously. Our training program gives you everything you need to prepare yourself for owning a local Global Garage Flooring franchise. Each franchisee will spend a 4 days training at a successful Global Garage facility and then we spend 4 additional days training with you at your location using your equipment. The training sessions are highly interactive and are supported by our company’s key executives.

Yes. We recommend that you maintain a separate office within your home for administrative and operational functions—and you will need a place to store your equipment and product. Remember, our customers do not come to us—we go to them.

We understand that you may want the flexibility to serve a larger geographic area. We can discuss this option with you during the discovery phase of the process. You are provided a protected territory as part of your franchise agreement. We will also provide you a first right of refusal for adjacent territories at the time of your franchise closing.

The initial franchisee fee will range based on territory size from $25,000-$40,000. You will pay ongoing royalties of 5% percent and you will pay a 1% national advertising fee. We ask that you also spend 2.5% of the monthly gross sales to local advertising to increase awareness—however we do assist with the development of your local website and marketing collateral.

Since we have no build-out, you will be in business as soon as you complete your training.

We have an extensive social media policy that we have coupled with best practices. Some franchise owners are better equipped than others to monitor and manage their social media presence. We will discuss this at length during training, and you will be set up before you open your local Global Garage franchise.

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