It's A Great Time To Be In The Garage

The garage refinishing business continues to be one of the fastest growing segments
of the multi-billion dollar home improvement industry.


We have a platform where your career could look a lot like one of our garages.
The thing about the garage business is that it’s FUN.


"Global Garage is a fun business to be involved in.
We are always dealing with clients who are looking
forward to improving the appearance of their garage
and are thrilled with the results we can provide."

Paul Leonard, Denver, CO

The Global Garage Opportunity

It’s a Great Time to be in the Garage. The Garage refinishing business continues to be a strong home improvement need of Homeowners.

Value Proposition

Evaluate the Value Proposition a business offers. Ask yourself and learn about the Who, What, Why in any opportunity.

A Day In The Life Of A Franchisee

What does a Career in the Garage business look like? Meet TOM and spend a day with him as he manages his Global Garage business throughout the day.

At Global Garage have a platform where your career could look a lot more like one of our garages after we work on it than before.

The thing about the garage business is that it’s FUN.

It’s the nature of it. The fun stuff gets kept in the garage, the old car, the boat, the snowmobile, the river raft, the skis, the bikes, the woodworking tools and the welder, whatever it is that is fun you’ll find it in the garage.

It’s also the entrance to the home. We get to go in and make it better!

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